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     Terme is 58 km far from Samsun. The Brook Terme, which rises from Karaorman, flows into the Black Sea by dividing the district into two parts in the middle.
     It is 22 km far from Carsamba District while 32 km far from Unye District, which are the closest settlement areas. It is surrounded by the Black Sea in the North, Unye and Ikizce in the East, Akkus in the South and Salipazari and Carsamba in the West.
     The Lake Akgol and the Lake Simenit, which are linked through natural channels, take place in a territory that is between the Black Sea and Terme District and close to sea.
Water of lakes is salty and hence cannot be used for irrigation. Fishes are caught in these lakes and it is an observation place because it is a place of accommodation for birds.
Terme's ID Card
Total population                        : 77.178
Surface area                             : 678 km2

Several civilizations fought for Terme.
Hittites and Phrygians dominated this territory respectively. Then, Kymmers who had broken into Anatolia blew down Phrygians. Amazons, the Kymmer community of women, came to Terme and lodged there.
The name of the mountains being close to the Brook Terme (Thermedon) is accepted as "Amazonius Mous (Amazon Mountains)" in some maps and encyclopedias. Also Ancient Greeks who lived as a colonisers on the Black Sea shores stated that there had been a community of women only in Termedon.
Terme came under the domination of the East Rome; in other words, the Byzantine State of the Roman Empire in 395 following the domination of Meds, Persians, and Romans. The whole Black Sea including Terme was dominated by Anatolian Seljuks in the period between 1219 and 1236.
Mr. Eretna who was assigned as the governor of that region, founded his state in his name in the territory covering Amasya, Samsun, Tokat, Sivas, and Kayseri. When Yildirim Beyazit captured Amasya and the Black Sea region, Sons of Taceddin and Canik Messieurs recognised the Ottoman governance.
After that time, Terme District was governed under the control of Canik Lieutenant Governorship until Republic period.

Legendary Heroines of Terme: Amazons
It is written in ancient sources that the fighting heroines of Anatolian mythology lived in Themiskryia, on the shore of Thermedon (The Brook Terme) in BC 1200s.
Amazons shot arrows and rode horses. It is said that they cut their right breasts so as to draw the bow well and hence was named 'Amazon", which means "Breastless". Other than arrow, they used spears, double-sided hatchets, half shields, and helmets as well.
The word Amazon means "Moon Women in Armenian and a similar word means "Slayer" whereas it means "Breastless" in Greek.
Amazons adored Goddess Cybele. Their lifestyle is extraordinary compared with our day. They exploited males as workers ana servants; killed captives after having sex with them; killed male infants; raised female infants with care and trained them as strong  fighters.
They lived as a buffer state between Hittites and nations on Greek islands. However, they were demolished by a great attack as a result of merging of three big kingdoms.
Herodotus Strabon and Halicarnassus Fisher, two authors of ancient period, mentioned about Amazons in their tales.

Herodotus called as the father of history tells wars of Amazons with Greeks and Scythians when talking about Amazons. Amazons blows Scythians out. Scythians are shocked and besides, note that their enemies are women once they see corpses on battle field.
Greek Strabon emphasized identity and origin of the community when talking about Amazons and told that the names of the ancient cities Ephesus, Smyrna, Kyme, and Myrna were given by Amazons.
Halicarnassus Fisher tells that many cities in Aegean Region were ruled by Amazons: An Amazon queen whose name is Mirin captured 'Serne', a city on North Aegean shores; sabred all men in that city; and holds women and children as slaves. The queen founds the City Mirin, bearing her name, for them and also founds Kyme, Priene, and Pitane, and on Lesbos Island, the City Mytiline. One day, a storm breaks out on the way to island. Mother Goddess Cybele protects fleet and takes it to Semadirek Island. Queen Mirin establishes a temple on the island where nobody had lived before in order to express her respect and gratitude towards Cybele".

Amazon Legends

In addition to being said to be a Kymmerian female group, the clan of female warriors called Amazons is said to be a Scythian female group. According to Armenian author Minas Bijiskyan who is from Trabzon, "Terme was a popular place and its prince was a hero whose name is Solimos. His name is written on one side of his coins and Termesseun on another side. Although we couldn't see any outstanding thing here, it was a very popular place due to Amazon women. Their capital city was situated by the side of The Brook called "Thermedon" at that time and bore the name Temiskor. The Brook was also named Amazon. Amazons were brave, combatant women and according to what ancient historians said, they dominated Black Sea shore down to Fars (Poti) by founding an independent state near Terme. They have Scythian origin and stemmed from two sons of king who were exiled to Terme and whose names are Igin and Skolopit, and reproduced in time. However, neighbouring nations made most of them slaves at the end of a great war because they were not peaceful. Remaining men handed over the state to women and they went to war against enemies. Women felt humiliated in this situation and started to İnsult, and got out of control gradually. They had two queens, one of whom was ruling the army whereas another was ruling the government. Their last queens were Antiop and Oridie. 
Rumour has it that Amazons got married to foreign men; if they had male children, they killed them; if they had female children, they cut and sear their female children's right breast so that they could use bow well. So these women were called "Amazon", which means "having single breast". (Mezos meant breast and Amazos meant breastless.)
Ahmet Hikmet Daglioglu says in an article of him that Amazons must be Hittites. Greeks coming to Black Sea shores for trading purpose supposed that Hittites were a community of women only once they saw them beardless and moustacheless. They took information to their homelands, disseminated it and transferred this charming information with exaggerations afterwards.
Amazons and Terme in Herodotus 
As also stated by Herodotus, Scythians called Amazons "Oiorpata". This word meant "male killer" in Greek. 
Herodotus tells that Greeks took along with them Amazons whom they captured alive after Thermedon War and went to sea on three ships. 
Greek shipmen used to go for searching sheep with gold fleece or gold fleece in the east. They saw Kizilirmak (Red River) Delta and Yesilirmak Delta (Green River). Shore was straight, foggy, and wetland. People on the shore were armed and ready to combat. They thought that they had been women since all is beardless and moustacheless. They considered that place as their capital city because they saw them in group in the vicinity of the Brook Thermedon. They couldn't venture to combat agains; them and searched for gold fleece by proceeding toward the east. When Greeks returned to their homelands after they could not find sheep with gold fleece, they mentioned an Amazon state which consists of women and whose capital city is in the vicinity of Terme in order to astonish everybody. World of dreams about growth, customs, and bodies of that community was enlarged. 
M. Isa Karaca expresses in an article of him that some young shipmen passed by the Black Sea under the command of a hero whose name is Yeson and set off in order to find gold fur hidden in a cave and experienced various adventures. (B.C. 7-8. centuries).
The fact behind this "gold fur" issue is: Athamos, king of Boiotia, and Cloud-Goddess Nephele had two children: Helle and Phrixos. However, Athamus separated from Nephele afterwards and when got married to Ino, daughter of Kadmos; stepmother did not want children. Alleging the famine, she pressurised her husband to victimise Phrixos. Cloud-Goddess Nephele, mother of the children, made them ride on a ram with gold fur and smuggled them to Kolkhis country of Black Sea (the region between the Eastern Black Sea and Caucasia).Here the story of gold fur in Greek mythology is. Greek shipmen moving from this point cruised along the Marmara and Black Sea shores under the command of Hercules who is a mythology hero. Hercules wanted to go to Amazonia and get queen Hippolite's holy gold belt. According to epics, in fact, this gold belt was owned by Ares, God of War, and used by the Queen.
When Greeks arrived Amazonia and moored in Terme (Temiskyra), Amazons used to live as three crowded clans. Other two clans were ruled by Queen Oreityia and Queen Antiope.
Amazons welcomed their Greek guests well. Hercules wan ted gold belt from Queen Hippolite and stated that he would give priceless gifts against it. Queen said that she needed to think about that.
Later, Goddess Hera, who was angry at Amazons since they neglected their feminity, donned the guise of an Amazon and noised about that the Queen would be abducted by a Greek. Amazons who believed this assaulted to Greeks. Greeks went to sea on their ships. İn this fight, men under Hercules' command abducted Melanippe, sister of the Queen. The Queen accepted giving the gold belt to Hercules in return for release of her sister. 
Greeks leaving Terme came to Arestias Island in the vicinity of Giresun. They encountered with third Amazon clan leaded by Queen Antiope there and went to sea by taking Amazons whom they captured in fight on their ships.
İn Herodotus, it is said that Greeks went to sea together with Amazons whom they captivated, after winning The War Therme. These Amazons killed men by beating them off-shore and seized ships. However, since they did not know how to manage ships, they let themselves go to wind and waves. Thus, they arrived Palus-Maiotis (Sea of Azov). They started to overrun Scythian country by captured feeding horses on shores. 
Scythians were shocked when they saw them. They neither knew their language nor were familiar with their modes of dressing. They supposed that they had been young, strong men. When they saw their dead people in combats, they realized that they were females and decided not to fight with them. They decided that young ones among them would settle near Amazons and meet and contact them. Scythians wanted to have baby from these women. Also young men adapted themselves to the same lifestyle and started to hunt and plunder.
Finally, Scythian young men became friendly with Amazons and started to live together by combining their camps. When they got on well with each other, young men offered them as their wives to live together with original Scythians. Amazon women replied: "We cannot live together with your women, our customs are different. We shoot arrows, throw spears, ride on horses; but, do not know housework. Your women do not do anything we say, they do feminine works, lock themselves and sit in their cars and neither go for hunting nor somewhere else.

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